7 on 7: An explanation

With registrations for 7 on 7 now open, we wanted to provide an explanation of what the athletes can look forward to. We understand after hearing from some parents that there are some misconceptions out there, so we’d like to provide some clarity:

First, and most importantly,

7 on 7 is NOT flag football. 7 on 7 is formatted differently, and the athletes do not wear flags. There are no referees on the field. Instead, 7 on 7 drills are run more similarly to organized practices, with coaches on the field to provide guidance to the athletes between each play. We will be running our actual formations and plays from fall tackle season, and 7 on 7 will provide the athletes with an opportunity to gain repetitions and refine footwork, route running, and timing between quarterbacks and receivers.

7 on 7 drills, or sometimes called “passing camps”, have been a part of Varsity and Junior Varsity football for almost 20 years at the high school level. High school teams use them in the preseason to prepare for the coming fall season. Our goal is to implement this at the youth level to further help our players with fundamentals.

Typical 7 on 7 drills involve quarterbacks, running backs, receivers and tight ends running passing plays against a defense that consists of linebackers, cornerbacks, and safeties. The objective of the offense is simply to complete the pass, and the play is blown dead when the pass is completed. The defense’s objective is to cause incompletions or interceptions. Offenses can practice their pass routes, timing routes, and spacing, while the defense can practice zone coverage and man-on-man coverage skills. Offensive and defensive linemen are welcome to participate and all athletes are encouraged to try new positions.

One team will possess the ball for ten minutes, and they are free to use that ten minutes for as many or as few plays as they would like, with instruction in between plays if

necessary. The ball is snapped from the 40 yard line on each play. After ten minutes, the other team possesses the ball. A competitive element can be incorporated by the following scoring system:

5 yard completion – 5 points

10 yard completion – 10 points

15 yard completion – 15 points


Practices will be held during the week with scrimmages on the weekends. Multiple teams from the CFA and YCYFA have expressed interest in participating, and we are really looking forward to refining our skills for this coming tackle season. Tee shirts and shorts will be provided for all our Dover athletes. Hope to see you all there!

Ryan Thomas, Assistant Football Athletic Director

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