About Us

DYFA is a nonprofit organization that focuses on teamwork, sportsmanship, and community service through youth football and recreational cheer in the Dover, PA area.

Founded in 2017, The Dover Youth Football Association has grown leaps and bounds both on and off the field. Not only are we proud of all of our athletic accomplishments but, we are equally as proud of our athletes educational accomplishments!

Board Members:

President- Chris Hake

Vice President- Jeremiah Arevalo

Executive Secretary- Leah Hiden

Recording Secretary- Tabitha Baughman

Treasurer- Mike Young

Football Athletic Director- John Hiden

Assistant Football Athletic Director- Jeremiah Arevalo (interim)

Cheer Athletic Director- Kristen Pittman

Assistant Cheer Athletic Director- Amy Arevalo

Bylaws and any other organizational documentation is available per request.  Please send all requests to dyfaeagles@gmail.com